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Becoming a hairstylist involves a lot more knowledge and skills than some people may think. Hairstylists need to understand the different hair types, coloring and cutting techniques, and so much more. If you are looking to get started on or improve your hairstyles skills, CaliCo can help! We would like to introduce our master class! This master class will teach you everything you need to know to become the best possible hairstylist. Learn more about what you will learn and contact us with any questions.


Learn What Hair Products To Use For Your Clients

In our master class, you will learn about the different hair types and which products work best for each. You will gain knowledge on the different types of hair products and which to use for your clients. This will help you provide the best possible services and allow you to give your clients advice on which products they can use to keep their hair healthy. By learning the different types of hair products, which to use on the different types of hair, and other advanced product information, you will be able to become a better hairstylist.


Learn What Hairstyles Work For Each Hair Type

Along with the different types of products to use for different hair types, you will also learn which hairstyles work for different hair types.

By understanding what hairstyles work with each hair types, you can:

  • Provide your clients with advice on hairstyles to try

  • Ensure that you provide hairstyles that will actually look good

  • Understand which hairstyles should be avoided with different types of hair

  • Provide the best services and ensure your clients love their hair

While many people get their hair styled the same way year after year, as a hairstylist, you will have clients who come in and ask for advice, or ask for a cut that won’t work with their hair. Being able to provide them with the best information will make you a better stylist and help your clients get a look they truly want.


Know How To Care For Your Client's Hair Properly

In our master class, you will also learn how to care for your client’s hair properly. All hair types require different care and when stylists understand that, they can ensure they are providing the best salon services and leave their client’s hair healthy and beautiful. Being able to properly work with and care for different types of hair is something that can set you apart for the competition.


Take A Master Class With CaliCo

The CaliCo master class will teach you the ins and outs of being a hairstylist and ensure that you can provide any client with the best services. You will learn different cutting techniques, coloring skills, about the different hair types, and so much more from Lisa, the owner of CaliCo. Lisa has over 15 years of behind-the-chair experience, allowing her to provide the best stylist education. Our goal is to help hair stylists excel in their careers and continue to improve their skills.

Whether you are just getting started in your hairstylist education or you want to improve your skills and further your education, our master class can help. Be sure to pre-register today and contact CaliCo to get started today!

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